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Incident investigation is the analysis of an event that, if carried out thoroughly, will determine basic causes leading up to the incident and can result in a full understanding of the most important and actual underlying root cause(s). When adequately analyzed the investigation results will assist in the determination of appropriate corrective actions 
as required to prevent any recurrence. 


This course will carefully walk your team through the four key stages of an Incident Investigation, in preparation for the final examination prepared by AFPA’s safety specialists.

This course is intended to be used for general safety program related to application of incident investigation best practices. It is intended to provide guidance to users rather than to act as a prescriptive solution.  That said it is important for employers to be aware of their legal responsibilities as they relate to incident investigation in the workplace.


Time Commitment
• 2.5 - 3 hours (Online)


Included In This Course
• 3D Visualization
• Blended Learning Guides
• Knowledge Checks
• Certifying Final Examination


AFPA Incident & Accident Investigation

  • eLearning

    • Articulate Rise
    • Video
    • Knowledge Checks
    • Final Exam
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