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Food facilities are filled with complex, powerful, and process-necessary equipment. Frontline workers who use this equipment daily are at risk of serious injury on-the-job.


The OHS Act, Code, and Regulations carefully details key aspects of equipment safety in the workplace. Designed to meet the needs of workers, supervisors, and managers this course is an important piece of your formal safety training in a food processing facility. 


The training is delivered in a blended learning format with eLearning modules, safety meeting presentation guides, and learner guides, to be used how and when they are most effective for your team.


All eLearning content can be viewed and completed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone either in your facility or at home. Flexible, life-critical, and carefully curated content at your team’s finger tips.


Time Commitment
• 60 Minutes (Online)


Included In This Course
• 3D Visualization
• Blended Learning Guides
• Knowledge Checks
• Certifying Final Examination

AFPA Food Equipment Safety Law

  • eLearning

    • Articulate Storyline
    • Articulate Rise
    • 3D Graphics
    • Knowledge Checks
    • Blended Learning Guides
    • Final Exam
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