Sadly, in comparison to other industries in Alberta, food facilities have high rates of injuries related to equipment operation, maintenance, and training.  There are many contributing factors.  This courses specifically targets hazard assessment & control, manufacturer specifications, and physical safeguards in relation to meat processing equipment. 

Whether you are a frontline worker equipping yourself with important information about you and the safety of your co-workers, a safety officer seeking resources for your team, or an employer exploring OHS legislation related to this complex topic, this course has something to offer. 


Course Purpose

•    Practical, flexible, and easy to use on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
•    Tailored to the needs of Alberta Food Processors.
•    Made by Alberta Food Processors by Alberta Food Processors. 
•    Resource-focused with printable content to use in the classroom and safety meetings


Time Commitment
• 60 Minutes (Online) for individuals new to these areas of OHS legislation.
• 30 Minutes or less for individuals with previous training on these areas of OHS legislation


Included In This Course
• 3D Visualization
• Blended Learning Guides
• Knowledge Checks
• Certifying Final Examination (80% required to pass)
• Official Course Certificate


AFPA Equipment Safety for Meat Processing Online Course

  • eLearning

    • Articulate Rise
    • Video
    • Knowledge Checks
    • Final Exam